Al-Noor secondary school update

16th April 2021

Al-Noor Foundation purchased the 3-acre Newton Industrial Estate in Chadwell Heath for the sum of £4.4m. Our intention was to establish a Voluntary Aided secondary school on the site and retain part of the site as a Waqf.


We were encouraged by the temporary planning granted by Redbridge to relocate the then Al-Noor Independent school from our Green Lane for 18 months. This gave us the breathing space to construct our brand new £8.5m VA primary school in Goodmayes.


We have submitted two consecutive applications for a secondary on the Newton Industrial Estate. Despite being among the shortlisted Voluntary-Aided applications, the Department for Education (DfE) highlighted significant long term planning concerns on our NIE site.


We are therefore in the process of considering all future options on the site and will keep you updated with any progress we make with our plans. Any Qard Hasan our donors have with us is safe, and we ask Allah to immensely reward everyone who has donated or loaned money for this project. Further updates will be provided when we have more information.


Akhter Raouf


Chief Executive Officer

Al-Noor Foundation