“Individuals, families and communities that truly understand and accept their purpose of being in this world, confidently live and work together for a just, responsible and compassionate society”

Al-Noor Foundation is a registered charity based in Redbridge, East London, which was established in 1998 by a group of local entrepreneurs driven by a commitment to their community and an investment in building social capital. The charity makes a positive change by nurturing the development of future generations, ensuring they fulfil their potential and embedding core values such as kindness, respect, compassion and good character in them.

Al-Noor Foundation started with the establishment of our independent primary school in 2002 in Redbridge; providing a balanced education through the development of children’s character, alongside academic excellence – making them active future citizens of British society. The primary school has been judged ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding’ features by Ofsted, and in September 2018 became a Voluntary Aided school, with new purpose-built premises.

We hold 4 values very dear to us:


Al-Noor Foundation believes integrity, honesty, transparency and truthfulness is the cornerstone of our project and the mantle from which all thriving communities should be built. We believe all those that are involved in Al-Noor should strive to have integrity in their private and professional life. This will allow our community to confidently live and work together.

Continuous improvement

Al-Noor Foundation believes that in order to create leaders in the community, we must endeavour to continuously improve. We must improve in our character, our professionalism, our working practices and most importantly, in our devotion to God.

Valuing People

Al-Noor Foundation believes that Individuals make families, families make communities and communities make the world. It is for this reason that ‘Valuing People’ is central to our organisation, as it will allow us to develop role models and leaders in the community who share our values.

Positive change

Al-Noor Foundation believes that as a team we must aspire towards and inspire ‘Positive Change’ in the world around us. We believe that our projects will result in a positive change in the community and act as a catalyst for the ‘just, responsible and compassionate society’ advocated by our overall vision.