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direction Al-Noor Primary School,619-629 Green Lane, Goodmayes, Ilford, Essex, IG3 9RP
Say: He is Allâh, (the) One. Allâh the Self-Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He begets not, nor was He begotten; And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him. (Surah Al Ikhlas)
“ability to create something new, unused or original”
“Allah is more deserving than other people of shyness.” (Abu Dawood)
“Give due respect and regard to your children and decorate them with the best of manners” (Abu Daud)
“the ability to adapt to stress and adversity, and return to a good position after experiencing difficulty”
“someone with a clear, distinctive and specific vision of a future development, and is able to plan for it in a suitable way”
“able to convey their ideas and emotions in a way that other people understand”
“ability to create something new, unused or original”
“I guarantee a house in the surroundings of Paradise for a man who avoids quarrelling even if he were in the right, a house in the middle of Paradise for a man who avoids lying even if he were joking, and a house in the upper part of Paradise for a man who made his character good.” (Abu Dawood)
"The only reason I have been sent is to perfect good manners." (Bukhaari)
"And what is the matter with you that you spend not in the cause of Allah? And to Allah belongs the heritage of the heavens and the earth."(Surah Al-Hadid: 10)
“The condition of a believer is a wonder, it is all good. Only the believer enjoys this situation. When he enjoys good fortune, he thanks Allah and this benefits him. When he undergoes afflictions, he patiently endures it and this is also good for him." (Muslim)
“O my son! establish regular prayer, enjoin what is just and forbid what is wrong; and bear with patient constancy whatever betide you; for this is firmness (of purpose) in (the conduct of) affairs” (Surah Luqmân:17)
“able to contribute towards a community, a group, a project or a task, in order to achieve something where his or her benefit can be realised”
(Believers are) those to whom people said, "The people have gathered against you, so fear them." But that merely increased their faith and they said, "Allah is enough for us and the Best of Guardians." So they returned with blessings and bounty from Allah and no evil touched them. They pursued the pleasure of Allah. Allah's favor is indeed immense. (Surah Al ‘Imran, 173-174)

Meet our Headteacher

It is certainly far from easy to send your child to a school that closely shares your own values, even though your children are the most important people in your life after your own parents –they are your most treasured belonging and most costly investment.


Despite the care with which you raise them, making individually informed choices about everything that might impinge on their developing personalities; you are often faced with limited choice when it comes to education and schooling. Ideally if we seek schooling, we wish for an environment that models the values we purposefully try to build our homes on. We deeply desire the same level of care for our children’s tarbiyyah/nurturing. For the tending and fostering of their humanity, personality, sense of identity and all facets of their development, whether emotional, spiritual and moral or physical, social, cultural and intellectual.


We all cherish the freedoms that we enjoy in society and acknowledge that it has allowed our spiritual and cultural growth. Yet many of us feel that the mixed moral messages from the society surrounding us give rise to an environment that is not conducive to the untainted, unhampered growth of iman/faith and Godliness in our young. Whilst freedom and endless choice bring with them a huge variety of enjoyable, educational and stimulating experiences, they also bring the need for self-control, responsibility and self-accountability. These very grown up qualities are not in automatic supply in little ones!


I believe Al-Noor Primary is a very special school that offers a real alternative to parents wishing for a schooling environment that seeks to develop the spirit and soul as much as the mind and body. Al-Noor Primary offers an educational environment that stands firmly on deeply rooted faith values that are inspired by Islam, whilst combining the best of what is offered by society too, to produce a confident, happy and upright generation that contributes positively to tomorrow’s society.


Our school values inform everything we do and sets our sights on nothing short of excellence in all aspects of our school: in the emotional, the spiritual, the moral, the academic as well as the professional. They foster a responsible and caring attitude towards each other as well as towards local communities, wider society and the world. This includes good manners towards all and a sense of duty for parents, the elderly and neighbours as well as a deep respect and sense of duty towards the world we inhabit and the resources that we benefit from.


We seek to instil in our pupils a strong sense of purpose and the confidence to be proud of who they are. We believe this will equip them with the courage to stand up for what is right and for what they believe in as well as help them to understand their role in their locality and the wider world and ready them to play their part in helping it to progress towards its betterment.


I am aware that these are goals that all schools share and am convinced that our value-base is an excellent point of reference and vehicle to achieve them.


I strongly cherish being part of an institution that stands firmly on an informed, pro-active foundation of faith and seeks, as a corollary of that faith, to develop itself into one of the very best.


I warmly welcome you to join us in our work and in our wonderful school.


Ms Someera Butt