Last Tuesday the student council and a group of parents and staff attended the meeting to present the school’s top two local concerns and join the vote to select three that all eight member organisations will work together to tackle in the run up to local elections, bi-idhnIllah. The school had voted the following as its top concerns, at 19% and 16% respectively:

1) crime rates; 2) safety in local parks.


The Student Council did an excellent job presenting these creatively and succinctly masha’Allah and were warmly commended by many present. The school (and assembly) was also delighted by our turnout of 28 people – challenging the host organisation for the top spot (Trinity High School) who had 30 people present.


After voting the final top three local concerns adopted by the Alliance were:

1) Crime (including Islamophobia/Hate Crime and anti-social behaviour);

2) Affordable housing;

3) Facilities for young people.


Three teams were set up to begin work with a research phase to help us narrow down each category to concrete goals and actions. The next meeting is on 10th January insha’Allah and we urge you get involved and join us in working practically to serve and care for our neighbours, change munkar around us and improve local society for everyone. Please drop Umm Anisah an email on, citing ‘Citizens’ to be part of this work – that many parents present described as ‘inspiring’.