Pupils were very busy this week with two themed weeks in one: Interfaith week and Anti-Bullying week. On Tuesday we had the pleasure of having teachers and pupils from IJPS (Ilford Jewish Primary School) to talk to the children about the Judaism. This was followed by a teacher from Avanti Court Primary on Hinduism. Children were asked to reflect on how learning about others and talking with them breeds understanding and respecting for one another.



Monday’s Anti-Bullying assembly also asked children to respect others, whatever the differences, including their peers in their classes. They considered a new definition of bullying:

Bullying is the use of face threat or coercion to abuse intimidate or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is rejected and habitual. One essential pre-requisite is the reception by the bully or others of an imbalance of social or physical, over which distinguishes bullying from conflict.


In addition they were asked to think about hidden bullying behaviours and whether they had even a small element of any of them. These are behaviours that are often very difficult to detect by adults but cause problems in interactions with their peers and can lead to behaviour that can be perceived as bullying, if not out-right bullying itself:

1) a need to control and dominate others, 2) being quick to anger, 3) having poor impulse control, 4) having a lack of empathy for others 5) being intolerant of differences, 6) not accepting responsibility for their actions, 7) having feelings of superiority, 8) blaming the victim.


Children have enjoyed learning about other faiths and reflecting on Anti-Bullying. They have been engaged in discussions and dialogue in school and we would strongly recommend parents to continue the discussions at home, jazakAllahu khair.