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Our vision

“Individuals, families and communities that truly understand and accept their purpose of being in this world, confidently live and work together for a just, responsible and compassionate society”

Al-Noor was launched in 1998 with a vision of making a positive change in our community. As local residents growing up in London, we wanted to give something back to our community. We wanted to make a positive change, to invest in our future generation by imbedding core values such as kindness, respect, compassion and good character.

Our strategy is to unlock the amazing potential within people, starting at the youngest of ages, with Al-Noor Primary School. We believe our balanced education of primarily good character, along with academic excellence provides a holistic education for the future citizens of our community.


We hold 4 values very dear to us:


We believe integrity, honesty, transparency and truthfulness is the cornerstone of our project and the mantle from which all thriving communities should be built. We believe that all involved in Al-Noor should strive to have integrity in their private and professional life. This will allow our community to confidently live and work together.

Continuous improvement

We believe to create leaders in the community; we must be a people that continuously improve. We must improve in our character, our professionalism, working practices and most importantly our devotion to God.

Valuing People.

We believe that Individuals make families, families make communities and communities make the world. It is for this reason that ‘Valuing people’ in central to our organisation. Without people our education programmes are just brick and mortar.

Positive change

We believe that as a team we must aspire and inspire Positive change in the world around us. We believe that our projects will result in a positive change in the community and act as a catalyst for ‘just, responsible and compassionate society.

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Registered Charity No. : 1061120