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For a Positive Change

For a Positive Change" is one of the many initiatives launched by the Al Noor Foundation to take ownership and responsibility in our communities and have a positive impact on our surroundings. Al-Noor Foundation strongly believes in involving its children, staff, parents and friends in its important work towards community service and improving cohesion amongst all the different communities that live in this diverse borough.

The project was launched in 2012 at Eman Foundation in Goodmayes, then was followed by Seven Kings Mosque the following week and more recently the Al Ansar Education centre in Goodmayes.

The projects first success has actually been bringing four different Muslim organisations together to work under one platform. Each organisation has agreed to do a complete road sweep of their immediate local area.

The response from local businesses has been very positive with many residents enquiring what everyone was doing and why. The local authority has been very supportive of this project by providing guidance and all the necessary materials..

These projects could not take place without YOUR participation! Want to volunteer? Contact the Al Noor Foundation to find out more.

SadiqKothia, Trustee of Al Noor Foundation which leads the 'For a Positive Change' project said, "We are astonished to see what can be achieved when a community is determined to show pride in their local environment. It is our real hope that with the support of others everyone will feel they can take this idea back to their communities and they in turn can start a similar initiative in their own areas. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this initiative was to spread throughout Redbridge and further afield?"

The Mayor, Councillor MuhammedJaved, was joined by Ward Members from Seven Kings, Goodmayes and Chadwell, The Leader of the Council, Councillor Keith Prince, the Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Councillor Alan Weinberg and Cabinet Member for Community and Safety, Councillor Shoaib Patel at the “For a Positive Change” launch event at Al-Noor Primary school, Green Lane, Ilford.

The project was awarded the Mayors Green Redbridge Award


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Registered Charity No. : 1061120